We are Oliver Quinn and Hector Dudding.

Soon to be freelance creative team (Oct 2017).

Currently creative team at Saatchi & Saatchi since 2012.

Previously mcgarrybowen and Iris respectively.


We're not too keen on harping on about ourselves. Instead, we like to let our more 'famous' friends do the endorsing:


Valued by Timmy Mallet:

"These two are great. They ease the burden of my agoraphobia by popping to Lidl every Tuesday for me."


Applauded by Richard Blackwood:

"I first met these guys after a gig in Leeds. I'd just performed my top 50 album 'You'll Love to Hate This'. Was a great night."

John Virgo.jpg

Known by John Virgo:

"Oliver and Hector regularly help me pull off the most impressive trick shot in my repertoire - the all-the-balls-in-the-one-hole-in-one-shot, just by subtly lifting one end of the table. The ladies bloody love it."

martin fowler.jpg

Endorsed by Martin Fowler:

"Ollie and Hector are top lads. They're the reason I am where I am today."


Thanked by E-Male:

"Who knows where we'd be without the words of wisdom of these two. Probably playing in the Lava Lounge in Swindon or something..."


Appreciated by David Peachy:

"After Bernard's Watch, Oliver and Hector helped me set up a semi-profitable paper shredding company."